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The AST Business of Transplantation 2013-2014 series are a continuation of the 2012-2013 webinars and offer continued significant guidance and info to anyone who is in a transplant leadership position and wishes to learn about optimizing transplant program management. View here







Alexander Aussi, Total Transplant Advantage Principal and CEO was the 2014 recipient of the UNOS- Heckenkemper Leader in Transplant Administration award on behalf of the UNOS Transplant Administrators Committee.

The award was given at the 2014 UNOS Transplant Management Forum in Baltimore, MD in recognition of Alexander's significant contributions and positive impact on transplant administration.






CMS released today Hospital Charge Data  that show significant variation across the country in what hospitals charge for the top 100 most frequently billed discharges for FY 2011. You can find the CMS report here




Thomas Hamilton, Director of the CMS-Survey and Certification group discusses CMS Regulation of Organ Transplant Programs and what's next in the age of "Accountable Care" here.




The University of California, San Diego Health System - Center for Transplantation posted on Youtube today all faculty presentations from the 5th Annual Update in Abdominal Transplantation Seminar Held October 12, 2012. You can find a link to the Youtube presentations here




The American Society of Transplantation, Transplant Administrators Community of Practice (AST- CoP) released its schedule for the Business in Transplantation Live Webinar Series.  

These webinars are designed for anyone seeking instruction in the business side of transplantation particularly staff in leadership positions. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to develop and implement robust transplant QA programs and valuable operational knowledge and insight about the extremely complex transplant regulatory and financial framework.

The Webinar series was made possible in part by support from TeleResults Corporation.


Visit the AST website to view additional information, webinar objectives and pre-register at: