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TOTAL TRANSPLANT ADVANTAGE, LLC is highly informed and educated on ways to improve access to organ transplantation. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team. Our clients include reputed health systems with small and large organ transplant programs, and we are proud to play a role in increasing access to transplantation services nationally and internationally.


Whether your health system is in the strategic planning phase to start a new organ transplant program, needing support with the organization structure or compliance matters of an existing program, needing to create best-practice improvements in clinical and administrative flows and/or needing to design or review the program's buisness operations to optimize profitability and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies, we have done it all!


Effective May 1, 2014 Total Transplant Advantage is now a proud affiliate of GUIDRY & EAST, LLC.


General Program Operations:

- Assist in the development of the strategic plan assumptions for the initiation of a new transplant program(s). Review strategic plans

- Assist with the environmental assessment to support the long term operation of existing transplant program(s). Review environmental assessments

- Review program's org chart and survey staff. Determine if staffing is adequate to support clinical and administrative operations. Recommend staffing models to support new program initiation

- Review Policy and Procedures manual. Assist with creation of policies which best reflect program operations

- Review patient flow based on the universal transplant process. Assist with development of patient flow strategies to optimize patient care in all phases of transplant


Regulatory Compliance:

- Perform CMS mock Audit(s)

- Assist in the development of CMS compliant Quality Assurance programs

- Participate in Peer reviews

- Provide program assistance to submit initial application for CMS mitigating factors. Analyze factors, data and documentation and make relevant recommendations prior to submission *

- Participate as Administrator and QAPI specialist in supporting programs during CMS - System Improvement Agreement (SIA) period

- Provide for periodic short term and long term program Administrative management


Contract Management:

- Analyze and recommend for optimal contracting strategies in the pre-medicare approval period

- Review and optimize contract language to optimize reimbursement in Medicare approved transplant programs

- Evaluate inclusions and carve-outs for organ transplant and mechanical assist devices


Financial Solutions:

- Review patient registrations

- Review patient billing and reimbursement practices in the outpatient and inpatient phases of care

- Review purchased services e.g. HLA billing practices to ensure applicability on the transplant cost report

- Review Medical directorship models. Assist in the development of transplant medical directorships

- Evaluate revenue streams for the transplant cost report. Assist in the development of CMS compliant revenue streams to ensure optimal cost reporting

- Review direct and indirect cost information placed on the transplant cost report and recommend supporting documentation.

*Total Transplant Advantage, LLC (TTA, LLC) and because of existing consulting engagements with CMS through Catapult Consultants, reserves the right to decline a program's request for review of their CMS- mitigating factors if TTA,LLC consultant(s) perceive that doing so may represent a conflict of interest.



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